• Larissa Hill, The Polish Room

What's HOT right now?

What's HOT right now you ask?

N U D E S!!

Nude's are ruling the nail world right now - well in my salon anyway!!

Soft, warm, peachy pinks, milky whites and creams, cinnamon beige's, lilac undertones, ohhh AND rose gold! Yes rose gold is big at the moment. No surprises there, it was picked as Pantone's colour of the year along with a lilac bluey/purple.

Easy to wear neutral colours will go with any colour that you might be wearing. Another plus is that your nail regrowth is usually not as noticeable with nudes, win win!

So go nude!!

Team it up with a dash of glitter because you can never have too much glitzy, glamorous sparkle can you. Or add a hint of unique hand painted nail art just to stand out from the crowd. Or just stay simple, less is more, plain nude is not dull and boring but very fashionable right now!!

So if your feeling the need to go nude come and visit me at THE POLISH ROOM!!

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