• larissahill

Well who knew that was coming!

Covid-19 you sure have stopped us in our tracks!!

We know this is going to be a very testing time for us and that sadly we are all going to be affected in some way, to some extent :(

I pray and hope that you all stay healthy and well and that none of us lose any loved ones to this pandemic here in NZ.

We can do this NZ ♥ We can stay home and we can beat this ♥ We are in this together, each and every one of us, together we stand ♥

Fortunately I am extremely lucky that I work from home with no employees and no expenses, so my outgoings are zilch. I will survive.

But I know many of my lovely clients will be suffering, some will have lost their jobs or will be living on a minimal income and as we know nails are not an essential necessity, so I am expecting a slow comeback.

To my nail friends and clients, please take care, stay safe, stay strong, I will miss you but I am just a message away if ever you feel like a chat ♥

Best wishes ♥


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