Gel Manicures $35 - cuticle tidy, nail shape & tidy, polish followed with a gorgeous organic lime & coconut hand treat!  

Gel Manicure  - french tip design  $40 


Removal with reapplication  $ 5

Removal without  reapplication     $15


Nail Art per nail from $ 1

The Gel Bottle Builder Overlay & gel polish $45


nail repairs   $2 per nail

Little Miss Manicure (under 13)    $15

IBX Treatment 1st Treatment - double application  $20 there after single treatment, per coat    $ 5

Don't forget about our Loyalty Program - your 10th Mani is

1/2 price!!


•  •  •  •  •

EXPRESS Waterless Pedicure - Perfect if  you’re time poor or in a hurry.  No soak! Just a nail trim, file & shape along with a cuticle tidy and a gel polish.  50 mins. $40


Add on options ::  

Heel file +$5 - dry & cracked heels filed smooth with a disposable foot file


BASIC Pedicure - Nail trim, file & shape, cuticle tidy, gel polish, salty sugar exfoliant, soak in rose petal stress relief spa salts, moisturising lotion to finish. 1 hour $55 (includes removal of existing gel)

LUXE LIME & COCONUT :: Nail trim, file & shape, cuticle tidy, gel polish, heel file with disposable foot file, organic skin peel, sugar exfoliant, soak in lime & coconut  bubbles & truffle dust, Lime & coconut mask, massage, hot towel wrap. 1 hour 15mins $70 (includes removal of existing gel)

MEDI HEEL Pedicure - the BEST if you require attention to your heels! 

Elim, recognized as one of the most elite pedicure brands in the world, is swiftly and effectively narrowing the gaps between the traditional pampering experience and the medical podiatry industry with its pedi products and innovative systems.

Heels are soaked in a callus tonic for 10-12 minutes before the dry dead skin is scraped away from your feet and then filed smooth.  Followed with an acid exfoliator to remove dry, dull skin, then soaked in detoxifying spa salts. Upon removal they are covered in a super hydrating moisturising balm. Finishing this pedicure your cuticles will be oiled and feet sprayed with a spritz of golden shimmer!  This includes a gel polish to your toes of course! Where your nails will be trimmed, filed & shaped as well as cuticles tidied.

They will feel absolutely soft and amazing for weeks to come!

This is an hour + long pedicure! $80






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